#SplatDoodle Art Movement: Week 13 Challenge Art Activity

#SplatDoodle Art Movement: Week 13 Challenge Art Activity

Abrakadoodle families,

We invite you to join our Splat Doodle movement by participating in our weekly art challenge. Children are invited to create fun art activities at home. Consider posting pictures of the artwork to social media. Use the hashtag #SplatDoodle and tag us at @Abrakadoodle.

Alma Thomas was an African-American artist and art educator. When she was a child she liked to make puppets and sculptures. Thomas is famous for her abstract paintings made with patterns of bright colors that looked like a mosaic.

Challenge for week 13:

1. Use any materials you have at home to create a mosaic pattern with bright colors.

2. Fold a paper and cut out a shape. Unfold the paper and use a small shape to print a pattern with bold colors.

3. Create a puppet or sculpture with recycled materials.

We hope you will encourage a child you to know to take part in art! We love to see children’s imaginative expressions and look forward to sharing the art you submit. Remember to tag @Abrakadoodle and use hashtag #SplatDoodle. We look forward to seeing your art creations!