#SplatDoodle Art Movement: Week 7 Art Challenge

#SplatDoodle Art Movement: Week 7 Art Challenge

Abrakadoodle families,

We invite you to join our Splat Doodle movement by participating in our weekly art challenge. Children are invited to create fun art activities at home. Consider posting pictures of the artwork to social media. Use the hashtag #SplatDoodle and tag us @Abrakadoodle.

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and poet. Picasso was a prolific artist and tried all kinds of art mediums. His animal sketches are very popular and one of the drawings features his own pet, a dachshund called Lump!

Challenge of the week:

  1. Use any materials you have at home and create a picture of your pet or favorite animal.
  2. How many different animals can you draw using just one line? Share with us!
  3. Create a poem about an animal you love. You can use images instead of words!

Use your imagination and have fun expressing yourself by making art! Have a great week and stay safe, stay positive and stay engaged in creative activities.