Abrakadoodle after school students enjoy the joy of creating original art.

Abrakadoodle after school students enjoy the joy of creating original art.

Parent Survey Comments

We routinely survey thousands of our parents and ask them to rank our program and provide feedback. We have consistently received high rankings. In our most recent survey, 97% of our parents said that they were "Happy", "Very Happy" or "Wowed" by our program. While we like to recieve positive comments, we never take our programs for granted and continue to strive to improve and better meet the needs of our parents and students.

I love the recognition each child gets at the end of the session when their final product is shown to the rest of the class. It makes each child feel so special and it is such a wonderful and encouraging thing to do!! Megan Galiczynski, NJ

WE LOVE THE PROGRAM!!! Especially during the camps when there's an art presentation at the end with all the art exhibited for the parents to see. It's such a wonderful surprise! appreciated the opportunity to expose my daughter to art in different forms.

She loves being creative and doing art. Can't believe the drawings she comes home with. I am nowhere as talented. It is awesome and she really likes the classes. - Christina Winckler, CO

He has absolutely loved this class from day 1! He has a WONDERFUL instructor that he adored when he was younger and Sue is the best! She is over the moon about these opportunities. - Naomi Lev, CO

She has learned so many key fine motor skills. (Anywhere from peeling stickers to making small glue dots) this class has given her confidence and she is proud to show off her projects.

My daughter is so excited to go to school on her Abrakadoodle days. She always is so proud of her work and loves to show our family what she has done. I love learning from her. - Megan Mancini, NJ

My daughter was very happy! Our instructor, was great with the kids. It was the perfect venue for her birthday party. All her guests had a great time as well. Sarah loves her class and the teacher! One of her favorite days of the week! -Teresa Moyer VA

My kids are always excited to go to class, and when I pick them up - they are very happy with their artwork

My daughter LOVED Abrakadoodle. She had such a lovely experience and still admires her artwork from the program and is so proud to show others. Keep up the good work! - Gina Abbondante, NJ

We love the summer programs. Hope to find one again this year for age 6 and up. - Diana Rossi, NJ

My daughter really enjoys the Abrakadoodle program at Sunnybrook Day School. She likes the processes, the presenting to her classmates, and showing off her artwork at home. I like hearing her use words like "abstract" and "asymmetrical"! Your teachers are doing a great job--keep up the good work! - Mary Sutterluety, VA

I think he was not confident with his artistic abilities, but now he is.

My daughter has been participating in these classes since they started. This is her last year, as next year she will be inn the 6th grade. She is heartbroken. :( Wish every child could have Abrakadoodle art education. Thankful that my children are able to participate. Keep up the great work.

My daughter loves your classes and wants to be an artist because of them. My son and I both truly enjoy Abrakadoodle every time we participate. Art is fun, messy and amazing when done at Abrakadoodle. - Leah O’Hara, FL


Host Site Survey

We routinely survey hosts sites such as schools, community centers, park and recreation programs and more that offer Abrakadoodle to receive feedback on our programs.  Their feedback helps to keep us on our toes and look for ways to constantly add value. 

“I like that they (Abrakadoodle) teach the kids a little bit of Humanities, introducing them to different artists.”
 - Marilyn Aparicio, Program Coordinator, Smart Starts Day Schools, Miami, FL

“Well organized….(Abrakadoodle) is great at contacting parents and maintaining enrollments. Makes it easy for the school”
 - Jennifer Davey, Director, Redeemer Montessori, Irving, TX.

“The children enjoy the art. It’s developmentally appropriate and the children are learning about the artist and the different mediums used by that artist. It’s always framed. Parents comment on that.”
 - Alice Handrich, Director, Shepherd’s Flock Preschool, Prior Lake, MN

“I like everything about Abrakadoodle! Our children and parents like it also.”
 - Betty Casey, Preschool Director, Ghent United Methodist Preschool, Norfolk, VA

I like “everything! They (Abrakadoodle) make it easy and pleasant big kids and little kids even folks my age (a little over 25 – smile) can use and enjoy!

“I really like the directors in my area, they are very helpful and they listen to my needs in my program. I often ask for highly educated and experienced teachers – they always deliver!”

“The Abrakadoodle program connects with the kids. I have seen the relationships grow as the years pass, as well as the improvement of the kids artwork grow as well.”
 - Joel Rivera, Branch Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley, Aliso Viejo, CA

“First, I love how organized and great the teachers are. …..I absolutely loved the finished product the children could take home- they were very impressive and as a parent of a child who was in the class, we hung every piece in his room.”

“When another company decided to close, I called Abrakadoodle. They immediately took on all the dates that were previously set up with the other company. I appreciate when a new company will step up to the plate and do what needs to be done.”

…..and hundreds more have provided great feedback!