Abrakadoodle Arts for All Recipients Show How Imaginations Can Take Flight

Abrakadoodle Arts for All Recipients Show How Imaginations Can Take Flight

As programs for youth thaw after the year-plus long Covid freeze, Abrakadoodle is so pleased to share art work created by ARC participants from Prince William County. During Abrakadoodle’s 2019 annual national conference, Eileen Moore, Education Director/Owner of Abrakadoodle Prince William County was honored with both the 2019 Community Service Award and a 2019 Abrakadoodle Arts for All Scholarship to benefit young people with developmental disabilities served by The Arc of Greater Prince William/INSIGHT, Inc. In December 2020, Ms. Moore delivered 60 art kits, 20 of which were funded by the scholarship, as well as art materials for two lessons in the kits and a prerecorded lesson.

Fast forward to March, when Eileen heard to her delight that The Arc participants were ready to use their art kits! Kayla McDonald, MPH Administrative Assistant of The Art of Greater Prince William wrote, “Thanks again for making the link available. Our individuals loved the activities and were so proud of their work. We really enjoyed the information about the artist who inspired the piece. Thanks again so much!”

Abrakadoodle’s lesson was the Cardinal Doodle, and Nancy Jean Tobin was the artist of inspiration.

“Our goal is always to strive to find impactful ways to create access to the visual arts while supporting community organizations and providing engaging lessons that spark the imaginations of others,” remarked Eileen Moore.

Abrakadoodle’s Arts for All Scholarship funds art programs to benefit individuals who would not otherwise be able to take part in Abrakadoodle art programs.