Abrakadoodle Art Show Celebrates a Year of Art and Creativity with 20 Detroit Area Charter Schools

Abrakadoodle Art Show Celebrates a Year of Art and Creativity with 20 Detroit Area Charter Schools

Student art took center stage on Friday, May 18th when Abrakadoodle of Detroit hosted its fourth annual Student Art Show & Reception at Voyageur College Prep High School.

“This was our biggest show yet,” remarked Dawna Kelly (photo, right), Program Director of Abrakadoodle Detroit. The event, held from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, was attended by approximately 300 people and featured student artwork selected from 20 Detroit area charter schools, where Abrakadoodle Detroit has school partnerships to deliver comprehensive and creative, standards-based art classes for all students during the school day. Abrakadoodle art teachers from these schools selected art from students in grades K-12, and they enjoyed setting up a display for all to enjoy at Voyageur College Prep High School.

Students with art selected for inclusion were provided with a Certificate of Appreciation and were invited along with their families to take part in the festivities. Dawna shared some teacher comments regarding the art show: “The art show was very lively this year, with music, laughter and excitement.” Another teacher said she heard parents mention how they “appreciate how we celebrate student achievement for all grades, including Kindergarten.” Dawna said, Personally, I love to see the smiles on the faces of the art teachers when their students and family members arrive at the art show. It’s priceless!”

Abrakadoodle’s academic art programs provide a tested curriculum, a comprehensive program and instruction provided by well-trained teachers, who not only help students to learn but also to develop creativity. Abrakadoodle’s Art in Our World is a standards-based art program that exceeds the National Standards for the Visual Arts. It also includes cross-curricular lessons in the areas of math, literacy, science and social studies.

Abrakadoodle’s comprehensive academic art program provides students with experiences to include a wide variety of materials, techniques, styles and more. Students use specialty materials, such as bamboo brushes and embossing materials. They learn about contemporary and master artists, explore art from around the world, and they work in two and three dimensions and much more! Abrakadoodle’s team of experienced artists and educators design the Abrakadoodle’s curriculum, and they focus upon providing a balanced program that sequentially builds both skills and knowledge.

Teacher, students and family members celebrate a year of achievement in the arts.

A recently posted public radio interview regarding art education focused on the fact that “the arts is also a critical educational component of a child’s future.” Building creativity in our youth enables them to become ideas people, who are able to work both independently and collaboratively. These skills, which are a core part of visual arts education, can ultimately help equip students to take their place in an innovation-centered workplace. Learn more about Abrakadoodle and its school partnership programs by visiting www.abrakadoodle.com.