Guest Post: A Young Shopper’s Approach to Visiting a Museum

Guest Post: A Young Shopper’s Approach to Visiting a Museum

You can make creative frames to display kids' art in your home gallery.

Even scribbling can be featured in a homemade frame

By Leonor Alvim Brazao, Abrakadoodle Artist in Residence

Visiting a museum or an art space that is not specifically designed for kids can be a challenge to most parents of young children.  When my children were small, we used to enjoy visiting galleries and museums, and the secret to my success was making the experience feel like playtime. We played a shopping game. During a visit to a museum or art gallery, I would ask my kids to select which artwork they would like to buy if they were an art collector. After they had their list of art, we would discuss why they liked it and what price it should be. Colors and shapes were among the most popular reasons my children gave for determining an item’s value.

We used every visit as an opportunity to practice and talk about how to behave inside an art space. We learned to appreciate art and would come up with a plan regarding where to place our hands, since we could not touch art or displays. At home, we created art that was inspired by our visit, learned to frame and hang it, and then we would invite friends to see it and practice a visit with us!

Work with your kids to make a home-crafted frame to display your children’s art:

1.Cut out four, stiff cardboard strips using your scissors.

2. Line up your cardboard strips into a rectangular frame shape, and then use your stapler to connect them at each corner.

2. Paint your frame, if you like.You may wish to add swirls or dots to create more interest.

3. Decorate your frame with scraps of fabric, paper, shells, feathers, buttons, ribbon or other embellishments.

Challenge your older kids to frame, label, make a list of the artworks and price them.

Leonor Brazao is Abrakadoodle's Artist in Residence

Leonor Brazao is Abrakadoodle’s Artist in Residence

Leonor Brazao is Abrakadoodle’s Artist in Residence. She uses her artistic talents to promote the Abrakadoodle brand, support franchise owners and inspire students. She holds a bachelor’s degree in visual communications from Universidad Presbiteriana Mackenzie in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Prior to her role at Abrakadoodle, Leonor worked in several advertising agencies managing creative campaigns. She won national recognition for a cultural project sponsored by the Portuguese Embassy in the U.S. Her artwork includes drawing, acrylics, tile murals, paper, collage and mixed media and has been featured in galleries, exhibitions and public displays since 1980.