Abrakadoodle Award Winners

Artful Leadership Conference 2018

Doodle Dozen recipients celebrate their achievements!

Congratulations to our Award Winners!

Management Awards

Rising Splat Award – Chris and Anna Firestone, Abrakadoodle South Oakland County, MI

Recognizing a franchise with the fastest start.

Splat Award – Margaret Cornwell, Abrakadoodle Montgomery, AL

Recognizing a franchise owner for the most creative promotion of the brand.

Abrakadoodle in the Media Award – Margaret Cornwell (image above); Dawna Kelly, Abrakadoodle Detroit

Recognizing franchise owners who have generated the most publicity for the brand.

Nomination Awards

Mentor Award – Tara Scott, Abrakadoodle NW Florida

Recognizing the franchise owner who according to her peers has contributed the most assistance to franchise owners in helping them grow their business according to Abrakadoodle’s system.

Service Awards

Franchising Gives Back Awards – Eric Cohn, Abrakadoodle San Antonio; Colby Detwiler, Abrakadoodle Pensacola; Eileen Moore, Abrakadoodle Prince William County; Tara Scott, NW Florida; Margaret Cornwell, Abrakadoodle Montgomery

Honoring franchise owners who have donated their time, talent and art supplies to provide art programming and creative experiences to individuals in their community who would otherwise be unable to participate in Abrakadoodle programs.

Community Service Award – Marianne Daley, Abrakadoodle Howard County

Recognizing a franchise owner who has taken on a substantial community project. This owner delivered a six-week creative art program for at-risk students at no cost to the school.

Purple Tree Award – Nancy Delasos, Abrakadoodle Montgomery County MD & WashingtonD.C.

Recognizing a franchise owner with the highest leadership award for actively promoting the Abrakadoodle brand, participating in corporate initiatives and programs, helping other owners and going above and beyond expectations in helping to grow the brand and system.

10-Year Awards –Meghan and Donna Link, Abrakadoodle NJ Suburbs & Philadelphia and Sue Walia, Abrakadoodle Northern Virginia

Honoring franchise owners celebrating 10-year milestones with Abrakadoodle by renewing their franchise agreements.

Arts for All Scholarships 2018 – Marianne Daley, Colby Detwiler, Eileen Moore

Scholarships to provide funding Abrakadoodle franchise owners, who have planned community service initiatives to be implemented in 2019.

Customer Service Plus Award – Miggy Ortiz, Abrakadoodle Queens

Honoring a franchise owner who is well regarded in her community and is known for her customer service-oriented business that serves children.

Performance Awards

Top 10+ Doodle Dozen Awards – Dawna and Al Kelly (Detroit), Sue Walia (Northern VA), Margaret Cornwell (Montgomery AL), Krista Roberts (North Jersey), Donna and Meghan Link(South NJ Suburbs & Philly), Gertrud Luer (NW Suburbs Minneapolis & St.Paul)

Recognizing franchise owners who achieved top performance for 10-12 months during the period of October 2017 to September 2018.

Doodle Dozen Awards– Barbara and Stephen Gray (North & West Denver), Kim and Ryan Nubel (Atlanta), Tara Scott (NWF), Juliana Kenj (Katy & West Houston), Nancy Delasos (Montgomery Co. MD), Eileen Moore (Prince William Co VA), Marianne Daley (Howard Co MD), Julia Shen (Scottsdale AZ), Charla Stuart (Metro Houston),Cecilia Hazelton (Bowie & Annapolis MD), Yolanda Smith (Loudoun Co VA), Ceneetra Anderson (Cincinnati OH), Chris and Anna Firestone (South Oakland Co MI)

Recognizing franchise owners who achieved top performance during one to nine months during the period October 2017 to September 2018.

Silver Splat Award– Krista Roberts, Gertrud Luer, Nancy Delasos, Donna and Meghan Link, Juliana Kenj, Barbara and Stephen Gray

Special franchise recognition for owners who have achieved performance goals within the top 10 of the franchise system.

Silver Splat and a Half Award – Kim and Ryan Nubel

Special franchise recognition for owners who have achieved performance goals within the top five of the franchise system.

Gold Splat Award – Margaret Cornwell

Special franchise recognition for the owner who has achieved performance goals within the top three of the franchise system.

Platinum Splat Award – Sue Walia

Special franchise recognition for the owner who has achieved performance goals among the top two of the franchise system.

Platinum Plus Splat Award – Dawna and Al Kelly

Special franchise recognition for the owners who are the top performers within the franchise system.

Top Monthly Revenue Award – Dawna and Al Kelly

Additional Awards

Art with Heart Award – Stephanie Burke, Silver Spring MD

Honoring a new franchise owner who has shown a passion for education and for working with the neediest students to provide developmentally appropriate at education.

Pioneer Award – Trevor Lampman, Richmond VA

Recognizing a new franchise owner for showing determination and working hard to grow the brand and business.

Team Building Award – Romina Moscoso, Julieta de Cara and Dana Yannone of West Greater Houston

Recognizing the franchise owners who have done an exceptional job of managing the complexities of operating a franchise by cross training, delegating, communicating and participating in joint marketing with great results.

Dedication Award – Michelle de Beus of South Charlotte

Recognizing the franchise owner who has overcome challenges and shown dedication in building school-based academic art programs.

Poised for Growth Award – Chinmay Deshmane of NW Suburbs Dallas-Ft. Worth

Recognizing the owner who in his first year has approached building his business with determination, energy and intellect.

Braveheart Award – James and Ingrid Burnett of Wilmington DE

Recognizing new owners who embraced the challenges of taking on a school-based project the week after training and just days after one of them had surgery.

Champion Award – Shelly Reed of North Texas

Recognizing the business owner who revved up her business by getting very involved in her community, and she doubled her business in one month as a result of her tenacity.

Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) Awards – Sue Walia, Chair; Dawna Kelly, West/Central and Vice Chair; Kim Nubel, SW Rep; Eileen Moore, East Coast Rep