Splat Explores the Art of Japan

Splat takes in the view at Lake Hakone

Art is an integral part of Japanese culture. Japanese art covers a wide range of art styles and media, including ancient pottery, sculpture, ink painting on silk, paper and manga, anime and much more. Abrakadoodle’s mascot Splat, accompanied by the children’s art company co-founders Mary Rogers and Rosemarie Hartnett, visited Japan this fall. Japanese children participate in art at Abrakadoodle’s Art Studio for Kids in Tokyo. During their visit, Mary and Rosemarie led parents in creativity workshops and were impressed by how much Japanese parent’s value creativity as an essential part of their children’s development.

Did you know Yayoi Kusama is called the “Princess of Polka Dots?” Her sculpture graces the exterior of the Matsumoto City Museum in Japan. Kusama is considered Japan’s greatest living artist, and she is also featured in Abrakadoodle’s curriculum. From Japan’s

Polka Dot sculptures add playfulness at the Matsumoto City Museum!

beautiful kimonos to its popular anime designs, Abrakadoodle students learn to appreciate these culturally unique art forms and to create art in these styles
as part of Abrakadoodle’s multicultural art lessons. Similarly, Japanese Abrakadoodle
art students discover contemporary and classic artists and art forms spanning the globe and including ancient and modern art forms.

Splat appreciated the beauty of Japan and had great fun meeting children and exploring art together! See more photos from Splat’s amazing adventure by visiting us on Facebook.

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