Sweet Spring Hats!

Sweet Spring Hats!

K-cup hats

Spring is a time to get inspired with arty projects! These adorable hats are made with recycled K-Cups. Get brewing with your child for some springtime fun!

To make:

  1. Clean out a K-Cup and remove filter.
  2. Paint the K-Cup with acrylic paint or use as is.
  3. Trace a circle on a piece of stiff paper or poster board
    for your rim.  (Mary traced a roll of masking tape.)
  4. Trace the K-Cup in the center of the circle.
  5. Cut out the larger circle.  Cut out the smaller interior
    circle by adding about 1/8 inch so that the smaller interior cut out will be
    smaller than the circle made by the K-Cup.
  6. Attach the cut out circle rim to the K-Cup using tape.
  7. Decorate your K-Cup with tape, paper, ribbon, flowers, feathers, or
    other decorations.

Thanks to Mary Rogers for her whimsical art!