Great Firsts for Tots

We’re hearing a lot about sporting activities for the youngest children. Our specialty is art, and we have lots of experience with young kids, having developed art programs that have reached more than 250,000 children. Art is a great first for toddlers! In Abrakadoodle’s Twoosy Doodlers program, children ages 20-36 months explore art and creativity in a safe and nurturing environment. They use their hands and senses in new ways. At the same time their parents learn about the skills their children are developing and what is developmentally appropriate.

Abrakadoodle’s special parent/child class is often the first educational program for our Twoosys. Young children learn about color, texture, art tools and more while developing fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. They experiment with new and innovative materials. Importantly, parents/caregivers learn what they can do to help nurture creativity and early childhood development!

While some early childhood programs may be controversial, Abrakadoodle was designed and developed by educators with a clear focus on helping children develop important skills. CEO Mary Rogers holds a Masters in Education and is concerned about school readiness. “We see an alarming number of students who enter school without well developed fine motor skills needed for writing, drawing and academic areas. This is a big change from just twenty years ago. While children may be skilled in using a mouse or game controller, they are just not getting enough experience with scissors, pencils, crayons and paste. We give young children those experiences while helping them to also express their individual creativity.”

According to Zero to Three, “research and clinical experience also demonstrate that health and development are directly influenced by the quality of care and experiences a child has with his parents and other adults.” Participating in an educational program that helps develop skills for both parent and child is a winner!

Art is just a perfect first for tiny tots.