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Art education today takes many new twists. Creativity can be exercised in any daily activity. Lisa Cherkasky is a food designer and she creates art using food. Cherkasky graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1979 and since then she has been applying her creativity in several fields.
She is a Washington, DC-based food stylist, chef, pastry chef, culinary educator, writer and crafter. She is also a regular contributor to the Washington Post Food and Home sections, Vegetarian Times and Ducklings magazines, and the author of the Artful Pie. Her creativity can be a source of great inspiration for children’s imaginations. Cherkasky brings art to kids by participating in the Abrakadoodle Artist of Distinction program.

What Kids Can Learn From Cherkasky
(Art for Kids)

Teachers of art education will be interested in this artist. Cherkasky’s art can expand children’s creativity boundaries. Cherkasky’s broad work can motivate children and invite them to use their imaginations in a number of ways. Children can start by designing a menu or a cookbook. They will learn how to create new recipes, how to design a lay-out, how to create a logo for the restaurant and how to balance all of these elements.

Cherkasky’s food designs show children possibilities in creating with food. Children may want to set up a food picture for their menu or cookbook. Using colored paper or tissue they can cut and glue a collage picturing their favorite recipe. While creating a hamburger, an ice-cream treat, a salad or a pizza and naming their food, children will be developing their imagination. Cherkasky’s artistic ways with food lends themselves to art education at its best!

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