A FUN Way to Expand Your Child’s World Vision

Kids love to learn new ways to create art, inspired by cultural traditions, artists and art forms from the far reaches of the planet we share! That alone might serve as rationale for signing up for an arts program that brings the world into your child’s grasp. You can expand your child’s world vision in a FUN way, while providing tangible benefits!

#1 – Multicultural art education contributes to an understanding of the social and cultural landscape that all individuals inhabit. Children learn about world cultures in the most fun way – hands on – as they discover artists and explore art forms and styles from countries near and far. They discover an historical perspective through art with such lessons as creating Haida Masks. Art connects children no matter what race, culture, education or socio-economic status.

#3 – Multicultural arts inspire children’s imaginations. The unique nature of art representative of world cultures is stimulating to children. When they are taking part in classes that encourage them to take new concepts and use their own imaginations to apply them, they engage in self-expression, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Children learn how to take ideas and innovate!

#4 – Confidence and self-esteem soars! Providing children with access to the arts enriches their lives by empowering them with a healthy means for communicating feelings and ideas; broadening how they see the world, as well as developing new skills, vocabulary and history unique to the visual arts. Multicultural art builds confidence in kids!

#5 – Said simply, multicultural art is fun!

Beyond the traditional art forms of painting, drawing, sculpture and collage, children in Abrakadoodle classes also explore such multicultural art forms as Polish paper-cutting, Portugese tiles, traditional Native American dolls, Malaysian kite crafting, Japanese kimonos, fabric art from Nigeria and many more. These imaginative, artful experiences can give your child an inspiring and delightful world view!