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Abrakadoodle Art Classes

Abrakadoodle Art Classes for kids are all about creativity! Kids use their imaginations while using a wide variety of materials, such as paints, wire, clays and more.  They explore artists, techniques, world cultures and more.  We offer a wide variety of art classes for kids of these age groups:

        • Toddler Art Classes called Twoosy Doodlers (ages 20 months - 3)
        • Preschool Art Classes called Mini Doodlers (ages 3-5)
        • Elementary School Art Classes called Doodlers (ages 6 and up)



Abrakadoodle Art Camps for Kids

Abrakadoodle offers Summer Art Camps for kids, as well as special Holiday Art Camps during school breaks. Art Camps for kids are offered at schools and other community locations. Our Art Camps include art lessons, music, games, crafts and special activities for children ages three to twelve. We offer theme-based Camps such as:

      • The Big Abrakadoodle Circus
      • The Museum Mystery Tour
      • Kids on the Runway and lots more



Abrakadoodle Art Parties, Art Workshops & Art Events

Abrakadoodle provides one-day creative Art Events, including Art Birthday Parties for kids, Art Workshops for kids and adults and other Art Events.  We bring the FUN! Let us know what you'd like and we can create the perfect event for you.  Here are examples of some of our Art Events:

          • Parties for birthdays and other celebrations
          • In School Field Trips and Workshops
          • One Day Classes
          • Parent Workshops, Corporate Events and more 


Did You Know?

Schools across the country have contracted with Abrakadoodle to be their school's Academic Art Program. Abrakadoodle offers a comprehensive, standards-based curriculum entitled Art In Our World, trained art teachers, materials and inspiration. Charter schools, public and private schools have made Abrakadoodle part of their academic school day. You can too. Learn more about Abrakadoodle's Academic Art Program.

5 Reasons to Abrakadoodle!

  • It’s fun! Art classes, camps and events are FUN and great learning experiences!

  • It develops skills! Kids develop skills related to school success.

  • It encourages craftsmanship! Kids develop a personal artistic style.

  • It builds self-confidence and creativity! Kids convey their ideas creatively!

  • It’s always new! It's always a new learning adventure!

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NAncy Delasos

Hello, I'm Nancy Delasos. Our team at Abrakadoodle is passionate about providing top quality art programs for kids whether it's an Academic Art program, an art class for kids, an inventive summer art camp, an art party or an art day, we provide the expertise and experience to make your program a success. Let us know what we can do for you.